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Wacom Tablet Volito 4.82-8 rc WHQL

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January 27 2005


Wacom Tablet Volito 4.82-8 rc WHQL


There are some minor gripes with the usability of the Volito tablet, but these are relatively easy to get used to - apart from having to unplug and replug the tablet to get it recognised on start-up, which does need sorting out.

The tablet makes a number of jobs far more enjoyable and cuts down hugely on the time taken to complete repetitive drawing tasks. It also adds an extra dimension to what can be done with a PC - making possible operations that just aren't practical with a mouse.

It isn't a replacement for a mouse (and the included mouse is awkward compared to a conventional one) but, at 40, the Volito is an excellent investment and a lot of fun.

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