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Nec AD-7173A Firmware

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September 4 2007


Nec AD-7173A Firmware


Important Note !

Dear customer,

it is very important that you don't try to flash a S-ATA device with a P-ATA firmware and vice versa.You could damage your drive in doing so. To be on the save side, please read the Update Procedure under menu item 'Firmware updates' before you flash the drive. Our firmware installer is only available as a WindowsInstaller.

NEC presents the 1st generation of 18x DVD recording drive
that supports all types of DVD and CD media currently available - in reading, writing and DVD label printing with Labelflash.

In addition to 18x*1 write speed for DVD-R and R media, 6x*2 write or rewrite with DVD-RW and 8x*2 RW media, 12x write on corresponding DVD-RAM media, the drive is capable to write up to 8.5GB with maximal 8x*3 speed to
DVD R9 media and dual layer DVD-R DL*3. Besides DVD recording, the drive writes CD-R media with up to 48x speed as well as
Ultra-Speed CD-RW discs
up to 32x. Together with the read speed of 16x for DVD-ROM and 48x for
CD-ROM comprise in total 11 optical storage functions plus DVD label writing with Labelflash in 1 drive the true all in one optical device.

The AD-7173A offers the fastest available DVD recording together with
high speed CD recording and excellent read performance by utilising
Sony NEC Optiarcs know how to develop and produce highly reliable optical storage devices.

With the AD-7173 the user does not need to decide between DVD formats
he has the freedom to choose the DVD R, DVD rewriteable or
DVD R two layer media of his choice without a compromise in performance
or storage capacity: 1 hour DVD Video can be recorded in just 5 minutes
and the writing of a label taking advantage of Labelflash requires just
another 5 minutes.

As with NECs predecessor DVD Writers the AD-7173 takes advantage
of high resolution writing strategy, Active Optimized Power Control (Active OPC) and buffer under run error prevention technology developed by NEC. The high resolution writing strategy, uses advanced laser modulation
to enhance the accuracy of the written data. Active OPC dynamically monitors writing power and reflection of the media in use, calculating the optimum laser power and adjusting it in real-time. This ensure that not only is the media type itself written in the optimum way but any local anomalies on the used media can be handled in the best possible way by NEC technology.

Platform supported are Windows 98SE, 2000, Me, XP and 2003 Server.

The AD-7173 is available in beige, black and silver colour.

Technical Data Optiarc 18X DVD Multi Writer with Labelflash

Product name: AD-7173A

Data transfer rate read DVD: 18x CAV (max. 22,000 Kbyte/s)

CD: 48x CAV (max. 7,200 Kbyte/s)

write DVD-R: 18x *1 (max. 24,700 Kbyte/s)

DVD-R DL: 8x *3 (max. 11,000 Kbyte/s)

DVD-RW: 6x *2 (max. 8,200 Kbyte/s)

DVD-RAM 12x *4 (max. 16,600 Kbyte/s)

DVD R: 18x *1 (max. 24,700 Kbyte/s)

DVD R9: 8x *3 (max. 11,000 Kbyte/s)

DVD RW: 8x *2 (max. 11,000 Kbyte/s)

CD-R: 48x (max. 7,200 Kbyte/s)

CD-RW: 32x (max. 4,800 Kbyte/s)

Access time DVD: 160 ms

CD: 140 ms

Memory: 2 Mbytes

Interface: ATAPI Ultra DMA 66 mode 4

PIO mode: Mode 4

Audio connections: analog- and digital output

Media supported: DVD-ROM, DVD-R (DL), DVD-RAM, DVD R(9*4), DVD-RW, DVD RW, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW
with 80mm and 120mm diameter

Modes supported: DVD-ROM, DVD Video, CD-DA, CD Extra,
CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, Photo-CD, Video CD
Writing methods DVD: Random writing (DVD R/ RW, DVD-RAM ver. 2),

Sequential writing (DVD R/ RW, DVD-RAM ver. 2),

Incremental (DVD-R/-RW), Multi-Border (DVD-R/-RW) and Restricted overwrite (DVD-RW),
Labelflash *5
CD: DAO (disc at once), SAO (session at once), TAO (track at once) with zero gap, variable or fixed packet, multisession
Special features: Vertical operation possible

Anti-dust seal

PC 2001 Certification

MultiRead compliant

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