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Kurzweil X-Pro MG Firmware 1.35.11378

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April 16 2012


Kurzweil X-Pro MG Firmware 1.35.11378


v1.35 is purely an OS maintenance release, fixing a variety of issues found since v1.34 (detailed below). There are no new features. 
- There are no new Objects since the last release. Continue using Objects v1.34 (included in this package). 

Setup Mode:
- Reordered MIDI messages that get transmitted to the MIDI Out when selecting a Setup such that program changes appear before the rest of the entry values for each channel. 
- Fixed a problem where loading a master table from a file along with Setups caused zones with program numbers 1 or 2 to be modified incorrectly. 
- Fixed a problem where the wrong release message of Program button 6 was issued when used as a programmable button and set to Momentary. 
- Fixed a problem with possible wrong zone display when using Compare after creating or importing zones. 

Song Mode:
- Fixed a problem where songs that were 0 ticks long caused a crash when looped. 

QA Mode:
- Fixes problem where last entry (10) did not send MIDI Out on the proper MIDI channel. 

Storage Mode:
- Fixed a problem where loading a master table from a file could occasionally cause database corruption. 
- Now we truncate the old size of a file if we store with overwrite option. 
- Now if there is an error while storing, i.e. card full, the error message stays until confirmation button is pressed.

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