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HP LaserJet P4000 / P4014 / P4015 / P4515 Printer Firmware for Single/Multiple Printers 04_160_2B

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January 6 2012


HP LaserJet P4000 / P4014 / P4015 / P4515 Printer Firmware for Single/Multiple Printers 04_160_2B


“This firmware version installs code signing verification functionality. Firmware signed by HP guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the code; meaning that the firmware was produced by HP (authenticity) and that the firmware has not been altered in any way (integrity). “

ATTENTION: Once this firmware has been applied to your printer or multifunction device it CANNOT BE DOWNGRADED to a previous version of firmware.

BACKGROUND: It is important to note that Code Signing Verification functionality has been provided with this version of firmware and will be provided with all future versions of firmware, therefore, the ability to downgrade to a previous version of firmware no longer exists.

Product Name(s): HP LaserJet P4014, P4015, and P4515
Model Number(s): CB509A, CB510A, CB511A, CB514A, CB515A, CB516A, and CB517A


- Base Product:
No New Updates.

- Embedded Jetdirect:
Secure@Install support is now available
802.1x failure to negotiate disables networking
SNMPv3 privacy and authentication use keys rather than passphrases
No SSL Proxy available to Auto-Send

Fixes or improvements:

This firmware provides fixes or improvements for following issues:

- Base Product:
We now have the ability to allow the time server to be set to a specific IP address.
You may see a 49.2505 error when trying to replace a staple cartridge that is out.
Personal jobs are not getting deleted even after the job held timeout expires

- Embedded Jetdirect:
SSL vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle renegotiation attack
Certificate Signing Requests specify 1024 bit keys; should specify 2048 bit keys
The default key size for Certificate Signing Requests should be 2048 bits not, 1024
A "Reflected XSS" is possible due to redirection to HTTPS
Crash results when navigating to Refresh Rate in Networking pages
Crash results when a duplicate IPv6 address is encountered
SSL vulnerable to a Cipersuite downgrade attack
Telnet crashes
Misbehavior when DHCP NAK received

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