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QDI K7N2S Bios 1.4

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January 29 2005


QDI K7N2S Bios 1.4


North Bridge: VIA KM400
South Bridge: VIA 8237/8235
Slots 3 PCI 1 AGP
CPU Support Duron1400/1600/1800
Support Athlon XP(Thorouhbred)1700 /1800 /2000 /2100 /2200 /2400 /2600 /2700 /2800
Support Athlon(Barton)2500 /2600 /2800 /3000
System Memory 2 184-pin DIMM Sockets
Support DDR 266/333
Support up to 2GB memory
Bus Speed 266/333 MHz FSB
BIOS Licensed advanced AWARD ( Phoenix ) BIOS
Support Plug and Play
Support ACPI and OS directed power management
Storage system Two PCI Master IDE ports support up to 4 IDE devices
Support ATA 66/100/133
Support 2 Serial ATA (Optional, Available when using 8237)
Supporting SATA RAID(Optional)
Support RAID 0, 1 , 0 1 and JBOD(Optional)
One Floppy port support up to two 3.5' or 5.25' floppy drives
Support LS-120 floppy disk drive and ZIP drive
Support Boot from USB devices
I/O Feature 1 high speed Serial Ports (16550 Fast UART Compatible)
1 Enhanced Parallel Port support EPP/ECP/SPP
4USB ports
1 1394a prot (Optional)
1 PS/2 keyboard port
1 PS/2 mouse port
1 Speaker 1 Line in 1 Mic 1 Game port(Optional)
1 RJ45 port ( Optional )
IrDA port support up to 115.2Kb/s transfer rate
All I/O ports can be enabled/disabled by BIOS setup
Graphics Provies AGP 8X/4X interafce
Transfer rate up to 2.1GB/S
Integrated UniChrome GFX
LAN VIA VT6103L 10/100Mb(Optional)
Onboard Audio
VIA VT1616 6 Channel CODEC(Option)
Advanced Feature Wakeup on LAN
Wake up on Modem
Trend ChipAway Virus on Guard
Norton AntiVirus 2003
Power management CPU temperature, System temperature, CPU fan speed,
Chassis fan speed, System Voltages
Power Management:
ACPI v1.0 and APM Compliant
Support S0,S1,S3,S5 ACPI power status
Support suspend To RAM

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