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J-Mark I401RA Bios 1.07

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Publisher Old version


May 3 2005


J-Mark I401RA Bios 1.07


Support Intel Pentium II / III Processor
Support Socket 370 For Intel CeleronTM PPGA Processor
VIA 82C693A , 82C596B APOLLO Pro 133MHZ Chipset
On Board CMI8738 PCI 3D Audio Chipset (For 993AS)
Support 66/75/83/100/112/124/133 MHz Bus Frequency For CPU Host Clock
Support Ultra DMA 66 Mode
Support 3 Banks of DRAM From 8Mbyte to 1.5GByte Main Memory
PC\'99 Ready & PC\'99 Colorful I/O Ports Design
Support USB Controller & PS/2 Mouse , Standard IR (infrared) Function
Provide extra \" three-wire\" fans connectors
Y2K Compliant
ACPI Supporting for OS
Modem Ring remote wake up
Power Button Ride (Instant off or Delay 4 second power off)
RTC alarm wake up
Wake on LAN For OS
Support Software Suspend & Power Off

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