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Albatron KX- 400 Bios 1.6b

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April 9 2012


Albatron KX- 400 Bios 1.6b


These days it seems all the hype in the AMD world surrounds nVIDIA, but lest you forget there are other chipsets to choose from. Remember a tiny little company by the name of VIA? Well, their KT400 chipset powers the Albatron KX400-8XV Pro, and as you are soon to see, the results are interesting to say the least...

VIA has been a partner with AMD since day one. Remember who broke in DDR, and how well the KX133 chipset worked for the Slot A Athlon? One could easily argue that AMD's success with the Athlon, and later AthlonXP has come on a large part thanks to VIA and their chipsets.

Unfortunately history seems to show us that like the even-numbered Star Trek movies, VIA usually needs two tries to get things right. The KT133 and KT133A, KT266 and KT266A chipsets stand as prime examples of what we mean. Even VIA's KT333 chipset had some issues just before it was released and had to be tweaked a little.

The VIA KT400 chipset follows this trend too. As of CeBit 2003, VIA made it known that another chipset would be hitting the markets later this year called the KT400A which would address many of the performance issues some say the KT400 is facing. Ironically, the KT400A doesn't support 400 MHz FSB or AGP/PCI locking either; " The VIA Apollo KT400A takes the AMD Athlon XP processor to the summit of system performance with a FastStream64 memory controller technology, 333MHz Front Side Bus, DDR400 memory, AGP 8X Graphics, 6-Channel Audio, Serial ATA, ATA-133, USB 2.0 and 8X V-Link chip interconnect."

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