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TerraTec Cinergy S USB BDA Driver

OS Support:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows XP X64 / Windows Vista64


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December 9 2011


TerraTec Cinergy S USB BDA Driver


Experience the variety of entertainment available on your computer. With the Cinergy S USB, you can now turn your laptop or computer into a full-fledged TV with radio capabilities. Getting to your first TV show takes just a few steps. Simply connect the handy tuner box to an available 2.0 USB port, connect the TV cable (digital LNB necessary!) and the power adapter and then install the software. Done! Now you're receiving hundreds of TV channels from all over the world in DVB-S standard, which you can save to your hard drive, edit and burn with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Wide range of recording functions
A wide range of recording possibilities exists, since in addition to the functions offered by normal home cinema systems when watching TV via computer, such as timeshifting, electronic program guides (EPG) and digital video recording, the TerraTec Home Cinema offers some true new functions: you can scan through current television listings via remote programming over the Internet, and you can program the system to record with just a click of the mouse. In addition, the TerraTec Home Cinema can also access the established service - a year's subscription is included in the purchase price. The computer boots up from standby or sleep mode precisely when the chosen television show begins and then saves it on your hard drive automatically. It's even easier to record using the electronic program guide, or directly, while a program is in progress. Just press the corresponding button on the remote control. No matter how you plan your recordings, they can be viewed immediately, even while the recording is in progress! The burning software included with the Cinergy S USB makes it easy burn your programs to CD after they've finished recording.

Perfect television viewing on your computer
Your Cinergy S USB has even more capabilities when used in conjunction with TerraTec Home Cinema software: Automatic optimization of aspect ratio, Dolby digital (AC3) recording, teletext and subtitles, DVB-S radio support and user-defined favorites lists (genre, location), multi-tuner support, readily available help functions, and the commercial editor Cut!, which now makes it even easier to remove blocks of commercials. Sleek, and easy on your computer's resources, user-friendly, yet multi-functional - with the TerraTec Home Cinema, TerraTec has finally made the experience of watching television on your computer both real and complete!

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