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Hauppauge MediaMVP Driver 3.3

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January 5 2010


Hauppauge MediaMVP Driver 3.3



Support for the Wireless MediaMVPFaster "volume" operationNew configuration menu for adjusting the time for the screen saver, the number of seconds for playing slide shows, and more. These items are on the second configuration page.New two line display for videos, showing length of video in hours/minutes/seconds"Sticky" sorting preferencesNow supports the "new" Hauppauge remote with separate volume buttons, plus a new ergonomic design.Update for WindowsXP SP2 firewall: this version checks for the presence of the WindowsXP firewall,. If the Xp firewall is detected, you will be asked if settings can be made to the firewall to enable the MediaMVP to access the PC through the firewall.Fix for stuttering MPEG videos on previous beta versionFaster user interface - menu navigation is fasterSCART connector now powers off when turning off your MediaMVP using the green power button on the remote control

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