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Hauppauge HD PVR Driver

OS Support:

32/64 bit Windows 7, Vista and Windows 7 Media Center, plus Windows XP


Publisher Old version


June 5 2010


Hauppauge HD PVR Driver


This driver now supports Windows 7 Media Center. Your HD PVR can now be used in Windows Media Center as a TV recorder for cable TV and satellite set top boxes. Note: the installation for Windows 7 Media Center requires two parts: this driver plus the updates described under the "For Windows Media Center" tab above. First install this driver, then click on the "For Windows Media Center" tab above for instructions.

This is a Windows driver only for Windows 7 and Vista (32 and 64-bit versions) plus Windows XP (32-bit only). For the Arcsoft Total Media Extreme application for HD PVR, you need your original CD. Updates to the TME application are available through Arcsoft Connect which can be found in Total Media Extreme (see below "Latest HD PVR application").

This driver fixes A/V sync issues with some Dish Network and FIOS set top boxes. This release also fixes IR receive issues with third party applications. In addition, this release includes changes to fix flash memory corruption problems.

This driver fixes a problem with loss of video sync (which shows up as a "glitch" in the video) when the video source switches from NTSC to PAL or from HD to SD while recording. This problem only occurs when recording from a cable TV or satellite set top box, when the broadcaster changes video formats in the middle of a broadcast. This problem does not affect recordings made from an XBox360 or PlayStation3.

This driver also fixes video flicker problem on European Sony Playstation3 and also addresses reliability problems returning from Sleep mode.

This version includes a record format which can be immediately played back on a Sony Playstation3. This is the .M2TS format.

This driver supports 32/64 bit Windows 7, Vista and Windows 7 Media Center, plus Windows XP.

To install:
Download and unzip the file and run hcwdriverinstall.exe.

File name:
Date: July 1, 2010
File size: 4 MB

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