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Ati TV Wonder USB 2.0 WHQL

OS Support:

Windows XP


Publisher Old version


November 8 2011


Ati TV Wonder USB 2.0 WHQL


Ati TV Wonder USB 2.0 WHQL New TV on your PC in full screen mode or in a corner window to monitor, if you wait for printing and downloading operations. Surfing channels has never been easier. You can scan channels easily with the integrated 125-channel TV tuner with the user-friendly GemstarGUIDE Plus Interactive TV Guide and channel preview software that you can see, allowing for a view. The value packed TV Wonder USB 2.0 makes full use of today's advanced ATI Theater 200 technology and USB 2.0 bus standard for exceptional TV and video quality on the PC to deliver at a very affordable price. The USB 2.0 standard is 40 times faster than its predecessor USB 1.1, so raw, uncompressed video data directly to your computer. As a result, the TV Wonder USB 2.0 using the ATI Theater 200 technology dramatically improves the video with the TV Wonder USB 2.0 is found just the signal you received without compression distortion in the old USB 1.1 products.

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