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Kodak Digital Camera CX4230 1.0500

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December 25 2010


Kodak Digital Camera CX4230 1.0500


Kodak Digital Camera CX4230 1.0500 it easy to use point and shoot Kodak CX4230 offers 2.0 megapixels of image resolution with 3X optical zoom lens, and is ideal for large prints up to 8 "x 10". The CX4230 enables multiple use of images allows one-touch easy with the on-camera "share" button that allows users to easily print pictures for days, e-mail or as favorites directly on the LCD display. With the "Share" button will print tagging is as easy as selecting the images and the selection of the number of copies required. If the cameras are placed on the Kodak EasyShare camera dock and pictures are transferred, the Kodak EasyShare software automatically launches the print screen to print at home or order prints online through service providers. E-mail tagging is also simple and powerful. Users simply tag the image for e-mail and select an address directly from the cameras to store up to 32 e-mail addresses. The CX4230 also has an automatic picture rotation feature that pictures always appear right on top of the camera, computer or television provides. And to ensure that users do not miss the shot, the camera is always ready to shoot a photo, even when the camera is in playback mode. It comes with 16 MB of internal memory and consumers to expand their capacity photographs with MultiMediaCard or Secure Digital memory cards via the cameras' expansion slot. Like all Kodak EasyShare cameras, the CX4230 is for the highest image quality and benefit from the power of Kodak color technology to ensure the inside, Kodak's proprietary color management technology, which produces exceptional color quality under any lighting condition.

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