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SiS 661FX/GX Mirage Graphics

OS Support:

Windows 2000 , Windows 98 SE , Windows ME , Windows Server 2003 , Windows XP, Windows Vista/7 32/64-bit


Publisher Old version


December 13 2010


SiS 661FX/GX Mirage Graphics


Supports: SiS661FX, SiS661GX, SiS662, SiS671, SiS671FX, SiS672, SiS672FX, SiS760, SiS760GX, SiS761GL, SiS761GX, SiSM661FX, SiSM661GX, SiSM661MX, SiSM662, SiSM662MX, SiSM671, SiSM671MX, SiSM672, SiSM672MX, SiSM760, SiSM760GX, SiSM761GX

SiS VGA software package consists of VGA drivers, utilities and Installation/Uninstallation programs for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. The installation/uninstallation programs are capable of installing/uninstalling VGA drivers and utilities respectively. ur utilities consist of utility manager, driver mode setting utility, gamma correction utility, video setting utility, TV output setting utility, center screen for TV, product and file information utility, utility tray, and hotkey define utility.

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