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S3 Graphics GammaChrome 32bit Driver WHQL

OS Support:

Windows Vista


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December 24 2010


S3 Graphics GammaChrome 32bit Driver WHQL


S3 Graphics GammaChrome 32bit Driver WHQL New As users look for a graphics solution for their multimedia and future operating system demands, as the S3 Graphics Chrome S25 above the pack and provides a superior visual experience, comprehensive connectivity with extremely low power consumption for fan-free ergonomic design and powerful 3D performance. Manufactured with the latest 90nm technology from Fujitsu, the Chrome S25 features class leading core and memory clock speeds, with additional support for the latest DDR3 memory. At the same time, the Chrome S25 features advanced power management features usually only in mobile solutions, such as multi-domain dynamic clock gating found. The efficient and intelligent power design, coupled with advanced process technology, has enabled the Chrome S25 to set new standards in desktop power / performance without compromising function. The Chrome S25 features the latest Chromotion Video Engine, Chromotion 3.0, so that improve the acceleration for all leading video standards, new features for the user's Hi-Def widescreen digital media and a comprehensive feature set enables users to optimize creative and optimize their viewing experience. The Chrome S25 also features comprehensive 3D rendering support with a high speed DirectX 9.0 graphics engine boasting 4 full precision vertex shader units and 8 full precision pixel shader units. Equipped with a high speed DirectX 9.0c graphics engine is the Chrome S25 graphics engine of 4 full precision vertex shader units and 8 full precision pixel shader translate to 5.6 billion units, pixel shader operations per second, so that next-generation applications with lengthy, complex shaders. Flexible memory compatibility includes full support for DDR1, DDR2 low cost and high speed DDR3 memory technologies. assist with such a diversity in the memory, the Chrome S25 offers a variety of price / performance configurations targeting the volume entry and mainstream desktop market. The Chrome S25 leads the AcceleRAM technology featured advanced memory support through the high-speed PCI Express bus at the same time benefiting from lower cost structure, reduced on-board memory. AcceleRAM allowed ChromeS25 with 32bit or 64bit wide memory interfaces with local frame buffers consisting only operate one or more memory chips. AcceleRAM Boards ChromeS25 offer a smart upgrade path for cost sensitive segments. Reflect the environmental drive, the Chrome S25 is fully RoHS compliant, lead-free readiness that the Chrome 25 ideal for OEM and system builders can be sold for the planning systems in many regions of the world. The Chrome S25 leads MultiChrome technology, an open platform and cable / connector free multi-GPU acceleration technology. Enabled in every Chrome S25 will operate MultiChrome enable two or more Chrome S25 GPU parallel other game acceleration on any motherboard with suitable physical x16 PCI Express slots offer. It is strongly recommended to have the latest driver version available. Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay on the latest drivers, software and games booth. Try a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or no longer supported.

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