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Wacom Tablet Intuos 3 4.85-5 rc WHQL

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August 12 2010


Wacom Tablet Intuos 3 4.85-5 rc WHQL


Enter the world of Intuos in its third generation – Intuos3 gives you more creative freedom, increased efficiency and improved precision than any other professional Wacom pen tablet ever. And it also happens to be the most handsome one.In the world of digital media professionals, efficiency is most important and Intuos3 can support you magnificently in this regard. The proven pen technology by Wacom enables you to work within the digital realm as you would do with traditional tools. The newly designed active area simulates paper feel in a perfect way. But for even more efficiency, Intuos3 comes with ExpressKeys and Touch Strips that enables the user to loose the keyboard altogether and stick to tablet as the primary tool on the work desk.Intuos3 stands for improved ergonomics for right- and left-handed people and effectively reduces physical stress and strain while creating, designing, painting or editing with high-end software. All Intuos3 input devices and tablets are ergonomically designed.The new design with its smooth surface and stylish anthracite colour scheme makes Intuos3 more than a simple input device – it is also a piece of good looking hardware that will fit equally on a work desk as well as a living room.The Wacom patented cordless and battery-free pen technology, also known as Penabled, gives you a highly reliable product with very low maintenance requirements. The term Penabled ensures high quality from the world market leader in pen based input solutions.

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