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Netgear FWG114Pv2 Firmware For North America 1.2_03

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December 22 2010


Netgear FWG114Pv2 Firmware For North America 1.2_03


Netgear FWG114Pv2 Firmware For North America 1.2_03 NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of technologically advanced, branded networking products since 1996. Our mission is to be the preferred customer-driven provider of innovative networking solutions for small businesses and homes.NOTE: There are two versions of the FWG114P. This software is only for the FWG114Pv2. If the bottom label on your router says FWG114P, not FWG114Pv2, this software can not be loaded into your router.Modifications and FixesVersion 1.2_031. Added a checkbox option in the E-Mail page for sending email notification when DHCP log is full.2. Fixed the bug in security section of the Wireless Setup page. If user clicks on the Generate Keys button for WEP Passphrase, all of the new settings in Wireless Network and Wireless Access Point sections, are cleared unless user saves them first.3. Changed the help description for the keyword blocking entry number from 32 to 40.4. Improved throughput by disallowing fragmented UDP packets to go through quicktable.5. Fixed the VPN domain problem that could cause device to freeze up.6. Fixed a problem with Internet access using modem. Several seconds after a successful dial-up, the DNS IP address will be released and the domain name will no longer work for accessing the Internet.Version 1.2_011. Support for WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)2. Support for WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) wireless access security method 1. Fixed the system hang problem after clicking on the cancel button in the wireless setting page. 2. Fixed the problem that some configuration settings cannot be saved or restored. 3. Fixed not being able to pass tracert. 4. System now queries both user-defined NTP servers, not just one of them. 5. Fixed the inability to establish incoming VPN connection when NAT is disabled. 6. Changing the WAN MTU size will not affect the LAN side. 7. Fixed the problem that cannot create the number of Virtual Servers to the maximum policy number. 8. Fixed that cannot delete multiple keywords of block sites. 9. Fixed that cannot set (GMT 13) for the Time Zone. 10. System log can now record the change of default outbound service’s action. 11. Check added to prevent entering a PPPoE idle timeout greater than 99. 12. Check added to prevent defining a service name identical to one of the router’s default services. 13. Check added to prevent user from entering invalid network mask. 14. Fixed the incorrect the gateway information in the routing table under Diagnostics. 15. Fixed the incorrect received packets statistics for the WAN port. 16. Fixed that system hangs when loading a big certificate file. 17. VPN log now shows in the serial port log text area.Version 1.1_04 1. Updated ICQ gateway to avoid an AOL issue. 2. Fixed: Wireless page clicking Cancel caused router to hang. 3. Fixed RIP issue: Broadcast LAN routing. 4. Enlarged DNS proxy parallel connection to 15 (it was 4). 5. Modify DHCP lease and expire time display format. 6. Enlarged IPSec domain length to 127 characters. 7. Fixed: VPN remote access sometimes works abnormally. 8. Fixed: Certificate with public key length = 4096 caused router to hang. 9. Fixed: ngddns server doesn't respond with fin will cause a TCP resource issue. 10. Fixed: Long VPN IPsec policy name will cause router to show wrong warning message. 11. Enlarged the VPN status refresh time. 12. Fixed: MultiDMZ can't show all PCs in network database. 13. Added vpn_hide.htm 14. Fixed traffic meter's UI showing traffic average data error. 15. Fixed WEP passphrase shows incorrectlly. 16. Can accept IKE with fragment packet. 17. Can support internal loop with fragment packet. 18. Fixed ARP packet can't use multicast MAC. 19. Add a check box for fast retry of ngDDNS. 20. ngDDNS page checks whether user inputs the right domain format (should be 21. Supports parallel Trace Route when using netlab95. 22. Use WinXP style timezone. 23. Fixed: Sometimes get wrong DHCP information 24. Email set to daily, will now send when log is full. 25. Fixed: NAT disable, inbound VPN connection can't work. 26. Only remote access can set remote VPN gateway to zero. 27. Enlarged IKE local/remote ID, FQDN, to 128 characters. 28. Fixed massive FTP transfer issue. 29. Supports Daylight savings time in all needed time zones. 30. Retry function is in all DDNS. Version 1.1_02 1. Fixed: factory restore resets the wireless region. 2. Fixed: enabling MAC access control of wireless will cause the device to hangup. 3. Gives a warning message if port number is greater than 65535 when adding custom service. 4. Fixed: If NAT off and WAN connection type is PPPoE/PPTP, LAN client PC can't get IP. 5. Fixed: router doesn't broadcast RIP packets if WAN connection type is PPPoE. 6. Fixed config and UI consistency issue (Apply button). 7. Supports daylight saving time in all needed time zones. 8. Supports automatic setting of daylight saving time. Version 1.1_01 1. Country setting bug for Australia and Canada corrected. 2. Changed Boot Loader's flash type. 3. WPA-TLS works now. 4. IPs can now be assigned. 5. Fixed that WAN always tried to dial up, even when dial timeout happened. 6. Fixed that the firewall hung up when doing LAN to LAN access to 7. Fix NAT off: device may hang up if no WAN IP address. 8. Fixed that the wireless security menu selection lost changes. 9. Fixed that during normal upgrade, Erase all & factory default did not change RF parameters. 10. Fixed mapping didn’t work when adding different internal/external port mapping to UPnP. 11. Fixed rare occurrences where the DHCP client failed or hung up. 12. Fixed that NAT disable: WAN port cannot get IP. 13. Improved enable wireless access control disconnection time: which took about 30 seconds to disconnect a client. 14. Fixed wireless WEP selection: generating a key before selecting the region was hanging the firewall. 15. Fixed that the start and end time field weren't disabled on the first occasion the schedule page was entered, because the default option of 'time of day' is 'all day'. 16. Improved WPA-PSK entry: a warning shows immediately warning the user when more than 63 characters are entered. 17. Fixed: On wizard NAT page, the button on warning message was reversed.It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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