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H&b DRX430 firmware 10052005v2

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August 24 2010


H&b DRX430 firmware 10052005v2


Wearied to view your films on monitors not envisaged for this purpose? Choose the reader of DVD and DivX of living room DRX430 of H&B. With the DRX-430, you will be able to read your video DVD like your films with the format DivX, format in vogue related to the explosion of the rate of equipment high-flow.It is thus today possible to look at this type of support with a good quality of image and of sound, either only on one PC, but from now on in its living room directly on its télévision.De more, the DRX430 enables you to record your favorite emissions on DVD, and its connector industry in frontage will enable you to connect a numerical caméscope to view and record your personal films in all quietude.Resolutely complete and elegant of share its design of most modern, the DRX 430 will be able only to charm you.

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