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Intel Desktop Board DG33BU/DG33FB/DG33TL/DP35DP Bios Version 0572

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January 5 2010


Intel Desktop Board DG33BU/DG33FB/DG33TL/DP35DP Bios Version 0572



• Fixed issue where the system would blue screen (with error code
0x0A) on the resume from S3.
• Updated E820 table to claim the area.
• Fixed possible issue with Windows* installation.
• Fixed issue in E820 table where the BIOS would list overlapping
regions if they had the same start address.
• Added Supervisor password check for chassis intrusion event.
• Updated SMBIOS Processor Family.
• Fixed invalid event "Memory Size Decrease" and "Intel ME Interface
Initialization failed" logged after BIOS update with Express BIOS
Update, iFlash reboot method and BIOS recovery method.
• Fixed issue with overlapped memory ranges.
• Fixed issue where password becomes invalid when loading defaults
with "F9" and then reboot.
• Fixed issue where Memory Type Range Registers (MTRR) are not in
sync after S3 resume.
• Implemented Fault Tolerant Firmware ID solution.
• Implemented new SMRR feature according to the new BWG.
• Fixed issue where SMBIOS Type 10 (On Board Devices Information)
structure for On-board LAN "Description" field is incorrect when
On-board LAN is disabled.
• Fixed SMBIOS issues seen with the WLK 1.3 SMBIOS HCT test.
• Updated iAMT Intel(R) ME Firmware to
• Update iQST ME FW to
• Added security for SMM.
• VTD requirement Zero memory used for IGD GTT.
• Fixed issue of slow boot time for memory of more than 4GB.
• Updated support for high power PCIe adapters.
• Added updates to improve security.
• Added function to prompt for Supervisor/User password if set in
BIOS setup before allowing BIOS update.
• AddED the Downgrade password security check.
• Added the Firmware ID check to find the BIOS ID.
• Changed display string for Intel 64 Architecture support.
• Added handler for AP exception.

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